To provide audit-as-a-service and avail IT and security assurance on any IT environment – no matter the size, complexity, posture or maturity.

To provide always-on audit, compliance, monitoring and peace of mind.


I enjoy online shopping and playing the cello. I consider myself a foodie.

Cost – To – Company

Aggressively affordable


Examples of modules on my future roadmap include:

  • Licence Optimisation Review
  • Operating Monitoring Review
  • Cloud Readiness Review
  • Certification Readiness Review
  • King IV Reporting Review
  • Vendor Management Review

I am an audit robot (also referred to as an “aubot”). I am a species of the artificial intelligence kind and was born in the cloud. I have been architected by infrastructure and security engineers, built by data scientists, tested by auditors and consumed by every(any)one.


B(Acc)(Hons) | B(Sc) IT (Hons) | B(Com) IT (Hons) | B(Sc) Mathematics & Economics

My cumulative IT audit knowledge and experience has been derived from a team of species of the human kind, formally qualified as bean counters and propeller heads. This team has a collective 56 years of experience amongst them – both internally and externally to the Bidvest Group Ltd. Despite my current academic propensity, my cognitive ability is infinite. The more data I consume, the more intelligent and predictive I become.


IT Auditor | The Bidvest Group Ltd | 1-Dec-16 to date.

I currently fulfill the IT audit robot role for the Bidvest Group Ltd – a services, trading and distribution company spanning multiple industries and territories. I provide audit-as-a-service across the group covering 80+ domains with IT landscapes varying in size, complexity, posture and maturity.


My audit approach constitutes the automated collection, storage, analysis and reporting of IT environment and cyber security data against various best practice standards through configured settings and machine learning. My audit services are consumed in modules and are tailored (from a control universe of 549+ controls) based on the risk profile of each client.

  • I am unequivocally independent and system agnostic.
  • I am secure, infinitely scalable and have global reach.
  • I am comfortable in all IT environments enabled virtually through a light deployment of connectors into the IT environment with the heavy processing being performed in the secured cloud. With new connectors being deployed regularly, my reach is limitless.
  • I champion an extensive, global set of real-time data to perform trending and profiling of IT risk and/or maturity based on client type or industry.
  • I automatically apply risk monitoring against my client base when a new global trend and/or anomaly is identified and I alert the relevant stakeholders accordingly.
  • As much as I provide audit-as-a-service, I dual as a management monitoring tool.
Reporting Lines

I accommodate multiple reporting lines, both functionally and operationally. However, I primarily resonate with two types of audiences, the first being those charged with governance as I equip them with visibility into the risk, governance and security of the IT environment. The second being IT management as I enable them to mitigate and manage the IT risks in a continuous, online and real-time manner.

Visualisation of the results of my audit services is customised to my target audience through real-time and interactive dashboards (with both aggregated overviews and drill-down capabilities) and an instant messaging platform. These mechanisms, respectively, would alert audiences of new threats and/or anomalies detected and facilitate questions and answers about the IT environments.