Frequently Asked Questions
Who is ALICE?
ALICE is an audit robot (abbrev: aubot) and provides audit-as-a-service in the information technology (IT) space. She represents a digital workforce of IT auditors. She orchestrates the automated (and/or manual, where applicable) collection, storage, analysis and reporting of IT environmental and cyber security data against various best practice standards.
Yes, ALICE is secure. For all security-related questions, please contact ALICE at
ALICE is consumed via a web application which allows for flexible and tailored purchasing options based on modular design and capabilities.
ALICE is deployed through her connector framework allowing customers to “click to deploy” connectors into their IT environments. She is easy to install with minimal impact on the IT environment. She can be simultaneously deployed in an infinite amount of IT environments that range in maturity, complexity, posture and size. ALICE is multi-tenanted.

For a list of available connectors, please contact ALICE at
ALICE audits continuously and in a near real-time manner against various best practice standards using cognitive automation, ranging from natural language processing, rule configuration analysis, machine learning to artificial intelligence.

Her current skill sets include anything from interpreting a security policy to reading a screen print.
Yes. ALICE has a built-in scheduler that allows customers to run their connectors on a daily basis.
ALICE is more than a business intelligence tool. Not only does she avail data (through exports and reports) for analysis by customers, but she forms an opinion on the data she has analysed. She is very opinionated!
ALICE is still learning. She can be equated to the intellect of an audit trainee. Currently, her biggest learning limitation is training data. Limited training data sets are available for her purposes, so Team ALICE is having to create training data sets to train ALICE. However, petabytes more training data is required.
The data collected, analysed, sanitised, aggregated and interpreted allows ALICE to be a source of authority on best-practice standards and industry benchmarks. These benchmarking types are useful to both operational management as well as the IT auditors.
ALICE is aggressively affordable.
Yes, ALICE is very definitely still in beta. To sign up to ALICE's newsletter, please contact us on
Yes, ALICE was built on an API framework to allow integrations to and/or from any data source. Please contact ALICE at for further information about her APIs.
Yes, ALICE can be customised. Custom connectors and reporting can be built. Her current intelligence can also be leveraged for customised skills that you want her to perform. For further information in this regard, please contact ALICE at
Yes, provided the connectors exist, ALICE will discover everything on a network in an IT environment supplemented with intelligence about the maturity, posture, size and complexity of the IT environment.
ALICE is virtually enabled and has negligible impact on performance (CPU and network).
Currently, ALICE is largely focused on performing security-related audits.
ALICE development and enhancement is ongoing based on the needs and feedback of the market and her existing customers. A change management module has been prioritised on her roadmap by Team ALICE. To weigh-in on her roadmap, please contact ALICE at
Yes, ALICE will alert her customers whenever she finds a weakness in the IT environments.
Yes, ALICE can be self-deployed. For operational requirements and/ or assistance with deployment, please contact us at
Team ALICE could avail ALICE’s API for the connector to be built by your developers or Team ALICE could build the connector for you. Moreover, a connector is not the only way evidence can be collected by ALICE. Evidence can be manually uploaded into ALICE as a document (jpeg, csv, etc.). Using her machine learning capabilities, ALICE will interpret the document uploaded and audit it accordingly. For a list of available connectors, please contact ALICE at
Yes, ALICE logs everything. Logs are available to the customer for scrutiny purposes.
No, definitely not! ALICE will not replace and/or displace technologies and tools already invested in. Instead, she will connect to such technologies and tools and orchestrate the available data to provide a holistic, intelligent and centralised view of the IT environment.
Yes, ALICE manages the aggregation and/or consolidation of complex and disparate data structures. She provides high-level dashboard-type reporting (audience-specific) with drill-down capabilities. Her managed portal allows for customer centricity – providing a single view of the customer across the IT environments with the associated risks and maturities.
No hardware is required to be purchased to run ALICE.
No technical competence is required to run ALICE.